21-Day Sugar Detox: a Weight Loss Program That Will Reset Your Body and Habits

If you’ve been on a weight loss program before and didn’t lose weight, or you lost the weight and then regained it all back, don’t despair. You are not alone. That’s exactly what happens to a majority of dieters.

Losing weight is hard and the truth is the success rate isn’t great. It’s actually downright terrible! For this reason, many people are always trying to find a solution to their weight problem.

For those of you who want to try a weight loss program which won’t affect your low carb diet, the 21-Day Sugar Detox is the best plan for you. This 3-level sugar detox program is very easy to follow and lasts three weeks.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is perfect for anyone, from busy moms to professional athletes. It’s  clear-cut, effective and uses wholesome, all natural foods to provide the body with plenty of nutrients while on the plan.

Before we get to the details, let’s get some background information on The 21-Day Sugar Detox

What is The 21-Day Sugar Detox and How Does it Work?

The story behind The 21-Day Sugar Detox is this…

This sugar detox diet plan was created by Diane Sanfilippo, a holistic nutritionist, and owner and founder of Balanced Bites.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a comprehensive program designed to help you break the chains sugar and carbs have on you, and help you live a healthier life. This whole-foods-based sugar detox diet plan will reset your body and your habits!

Each week, you will be guided through the sugar detox program with what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. The foods in the program are delicious and satisfying, and they’ll make you feel better all day long.

All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and sweetener-free.

Aside from the three different levels included to help you ease into your new way of eating, you will also get bonuses, including e-cookbooks. Also, any updates are completely free! These bonuses are sure to help you as you go through the program.

Some may think that this sugar detox diet is truly hard to follow. But it has been found to be extremely effective by those who have completed the plan and realized that they no longer had sugar cravings after the 21 days. To top it off, they had lost a significant amount of weight!

Sugar Detox

Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox Something You Should Try?

Most people who want to lose weight have most probably gone through several weight loss programs.

Some may have been effective for a while, others not at all. But one thing is certain… you won’t achieve your weight loss goals without changing your lifestyle. A lasting change in lifestyle and diet habits is crucial to long-term results.

Even though the 21-Day Sugar Detox is NOT a lifestyle plan, a quick fix or a trendy program, it gives you a way to get rid of sugar and carbs so you can start eating better nutrition-dense and more wholesome foods.

Starting a new lifestyle is a lot easier when you don’t have carbohydrate and sugar cravings, and the inevitable energy crashes from blood glucose level spikes.

Sugar Detox

In case you need more convincing that the 21-Day Sugar Detox is a great alternative for your long-term solution to your weight problem, here are some pros and cons of the program:


  • The program is very easy to follow. Included is a meal plan for the entire 21 days. This eliminates the guesswork, making it more likely that you’ll succeed.
  • It comes with various sugar detox recipes to follow which stick to the detox plan explained in the book so you know that you are eating the right foods.
  • It teaches you all about sugar, and how to avoid sweets and carbs. Understanding why sugar isn’t good for you, and how it affects your body will help you stick to the plan and rid yourself of it forever.
  • The 21-Day Sugar Detox comes with lots of bonuses and email support.


  • You need to have self-discipline to achieve the desired results. The three weeks may feel like an eternity, but don’t let that discourage you from trying it out just because it may be challenging.
  • You need to follow the program religiously for the entire 3 weeks if you want to give yourself the best chance of success. Don’t cheat, and don’t cut it short. If you do, start over and go the entire 21 days.


The effectiveness of any diet program certainly depends on the person following it.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox has definitely worked for others, and it will certainly work for you too. If you do not adhere to the plan though, you should not expect to achieve your weight loss goals.

So if you want to curb your cravings for sugar and carbs, as well as lose a significant amount of weight, the 21-Day Sugar Detox is one of the best programs that you should follow in order to achieve this.

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